The sustainable movement

The sustainable movement

A new millennial sub-culture

A Sub-culture is born in a generation unable to express its true desires. It is an uncompromising reaction, to a lack of expression and full release of self. A sub-culture can be a catalyst for change.

The menswear market has been growing since 1990. And we have now reached a significant time in men’s fashion. Their habits are changing, and their attitude towards style is now becoming more defined, due to a more public lifestyle and increase in disposable income. The millennial man is one who buys more, shops more and consumes more on social media. It is at this point that as sustainable menswear designers we should take the opportunity to present ethical and responsibly made clothes as a viable and better option for the wearer.

I would like to share an example of how we are emotionally connected totexturewall_WEB what we buy;

Ethical fashion is becoming more significant because, it provides positive emotional triggers when entering the buying experience. This is a contrast from the competitive approach current brands take to sell. It is not about demanding the customer’s money immediately, but about focusing on trust and values instead of fear and instant gratification to create a lasting relationship. It is my belief that these negative emotional triggers have contributed to our disposable lifestyles.

Men are redefining their appearance and questioning their place in society. And ethical menswear designers should do so as well. This example is seen more so in womenswear with high street and online retailers such as H&M producing H&M conscious, and Studio One Eighty Nine producing artisan clothing to inspire social change.

It is exciting to know that I am entering into a market that is becoming culturally significant with a new wave of fashion forward designers creating clothes with more visual impact than their ready-to-wear competitors. And providing a foundation of strong core values on which to build a business. The potential scope of menswear is now so much wider and greater than past generations. It is my prediction that we are now approaching a new sub-culture.

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