Profile: Atypique Atipico – The Collective Design for Demain

I know its been a long time coming! But following the my interview with Donna Enitcott of the marketing agency Bluellow, my second interview is with the conscious womenswear label Atypique Atipico. Fantastic garment makers with an important purpose!

Can you introduce your company in a few words? Atypique Atípico is a eco-design studio & consulting agency. Founded in 2010, the design team is formed by two sisters: Cristina & Sofia Linares Orellana.

What excites you about fashion design? Fashion is the mirror of society, a visual transcription of ideas, values, artistic movements and social trends. It is often quickly judged as superficial, but it has also been a gateway for underground movements and a promoter of conscientiousness of sociopolitical issues. At AA we decided to dedicate our first product to Fashion because the industry is one of the biggest global employers, 80% of its workforce are women, any social and environmental improvement would impact the lives of to many women.

Do you have any goals for the future? We will continue to promote conscientiousness on environmental and social issues via the AA studio and/or Collective DD. Currently we work on our products and projects but we hope in mid term to edited other young designers that want to do eco-friendly products & projects.

And finally, what is the most valuable lesson you have learn since your business has started? Collaboration is key to make eco-friendly design a standard.

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