Leif Erikkson Flagship store

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Leif Erikkson Flagship Store

Welcome to the Leif Erikkson Flagship store! This is the official shop of Leif Erikkson, which supplied both coats and jackets and are handmade in the UK. My shop consists of 3 ranges which I have developed since 2016 and continue to build on for the future. Theirs a mixture of #organic clothes such as the my Hacienda Organic Frayed Edge Coat, and other #sustainable garments such as the White Denim Jacket. This is an individual, bold and practical range and is designed for your unique style and not your social standards. Leif Erikkson is about personality and spirit which my range embodies. They have all been made to last and provide the perfect fit.

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If you would like more information on production and lead times, check out my terms and conditions here!