#Mens Outerwear Specialist

Leif Erikkson men’s outerwear specialist is based on the constructivist function. And seeks to utilize alternative sources of materials and textiles to tailor unique outerwear. These stand as a fair and confident statement, against the wasteful habits in the fashion industry today.

As a men’s outerwear specialist, Leif Erikkson respects the craft and workmanship, at each stage of the design and manufacturing process. However, understands the meticulous detail needed in creating the perfect outerwear garment. This is instilled in the DNA of the business.

Leif Erikkson is a paradox between constructivism and comfort. It is a second skin for the customer to express their personality and spirit. And is an extension of oneself, not a covering. That’s why it’s resilient, practical, unique and beautiful. The Leif Erikkson garment is perfect both in function and form; much like us as people.

Leif Erikkson is a step ahead, forward looking. Not leaving the customer behind but inviting them to come on a unique journey. To be ahead and not a follower.

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I am devoted in providing you with a special hand-made garment, that shows everyone who you truly are! This is for the Individual, the driven, eclectic, bold, unique, expressive, practical person who isn’t attached to social standards with a youthful outlook on life; regardless of age or circumstance.

Whether you’re all, none or something more, my coats are for you!

Remember it’s how you express yourself, that gives you your unique style, not fashion. And my clothes will come to life through your personality!


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